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Business One:One Advanced Class CD

by Appleby et al Published by Oxford University Press

Published 2008.

Set of 2 CDs

Business one:one is the first three-level business course specifically designed for one-to-one teaching and learning.

Business one:one optimises teaching time by encouraging teacher and learner to work together as equal partners. Students can identify their needs quickly and easily, and teachers can build a personalised syllabus that covers exactly what their student needs.

Business one:one covers a variety of core business skills such as dealing with people, projects, and meetings. It also provides techniques and tips on travelling, socializing, and communicating by telephone and email.

Key features :

Learner-centred syllabus helps students and teachers work together to build a customised course

Short lessons with communicative tasks mean students use new language immediately

Flexible, non-linear structure gives students freedom within each lesson so they can choose what they want to learn

Fully-integrated Multi-Rom includes extra listening material, email practice, interactive grammar exercises, and language tests for additional study between classes

Lesson Record means students can record useful new language for their own reference

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