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Collins Academic Skills Series: Lectures + MP3 CD

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Published 2013.

Collins Academic Skills Series: Lectures will give you the skills you need to get more out of the lectures you attend at university, by improving your preparation, understanding and note taking skills. Through listening to real lectures and practice exercises you will learn how to * take more efficient notes * recognise signposting * use course notes to predict lecture content * improve your understanding Collins Academic Skills Series: Lectures will help you to make the most of your time at university. * CD containing authentic lectures at well-known universities * Information on academic expectations - understand the requirements of studying at university * Helpful tips and summaries * Answer key and glossary Lectures is part of a new six-book series to help international students achieve academic success at university. It is designed to support students who are studying, or preparing to study, at an English-speaking institution. Suitable for students whose level of English is Upper Intermediate / CEF level B2 / IELTS 5.5 and higher Other titles in the Collins Academic Skills Series * Group Work * Numbers * Presenting * Research * Writing.

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User-friendly and easily accessible

Reviewed by Debbie Mann, Coordinator of In-sessional Courses,

This book addresses the key questions and issues that international students ask and experience when grappling with the challenges of comprehending lectures whilst simultaneously taking notes

This book offers inclusive comprehensive coverage of key skills, including the pronunciation features vital to achieving successful listening comprehension. It also raises the student’s awareness of poignant factors pertaining to skill development and academic institutions. It promotes critical thinking and develops note taking skills. All of this is combined with authentic lectures and valid academic topics, all of which are uniquely presented in an integrated way.

As a self-study resource, the information is user-friendly and easily accessible.

The Introduction provides useful information regarding the structure, content and use of the book, with some very practical study tips.
This book could be worked through sequentially or units could be used in isolation, as required/preferred. In particular, the authentic lectures are independent of the Units and therefore could be repeatedly referred to for practice.
The MP3 files provided on the CD, can be copied to the student’s desk top, for further study at a later time! The relevant file for each exercise is clearly identifiable in the book, the number of the file being written underneath a picture of a set of headphones, next to the exercise.

The content of this book is organised as follows: The purpose of, preparing for, and the structure of, lectures; Features of speech, Understanding points, such as the lecturer’s voice, fact and opinion and thinking critically; Strategies for note taking and understanding your notes; Other types of academic listening, such as tutorials, and seminars; and finally, Focusing forward, knowing your strengths and weaknesses.
Following on from the Contents page and Introduction, this book contains ten chapters. Each chapter begins with outlining its aims and is followed by a self-evaluation quiz of 3-4 questions.

  • A section on pronunciation features is integrated within each Unit
  • Aspects of grammar are highlighted where and when appropriate
  • There are multiple listening activities within each Unit.
  • At the end of each Unit there is a summary of important points to remember.

Clear and concise explanations are given, making the information accessible. There is a glossary outlining key terminology adjacent to where it is being presented on the page.
Exercises are clearly identifiable in shaded boxes and vary in length as appropriate.Authentic tasks are presented, leading to authentic outcomes.
The information on each page is clearly divided through the use of sub-headings and questions.

Very useful tips are presented throughout each Unit, at appropriate points, concerning academic considerations both for the individual and concerning academic institutions.
Five authentic lectures are included within the book. These are stand-alone listening activities and are situated two units apart throughout the book. Following each authentic lecture there are questions for reflection. The Collins ELT website is also referred to where students can listen to the lectures in full. Transcripts are also provided. The lectures are given in British English, Canadian, and American (Mid West) accents.

Provided at the back of the book is a full glossary of the terminology used throughout, together with the audio scripts and answer key. Further information regarding online learner resources, for both listening to lectures and pronunciation, are also provided.

Price: £ 14.99

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