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Collins Academic Skills Series: Writing

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Published 2013.

The Collins Academic Skills Series - winner of the ELTon 2014 Innovation in Learner Resources Award.

At university, you may be expected to analyse complex data and present your findings, whatever your area of study. Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers gives you the skills you need to make sense of data and numbers and the confidence to use them effectively in your work.

Learn how to

interpret the question

structure your work

paraphrase, quote and reference your sources

avoid plagiarism

understand your reader

Collins Academic Skills Series: Writing will help you to make the most of your time at university.

A step-by-step guide to the writing process including a complete 2500-word model essay

Information on academic expectations understand the requirements of studying at university

Helpful tips and summaries

Answer key and glossary

Writing is part of a new six-book series to help international students achieve academic success at college or university. It is designed to support students who are studying, or preparing to study, at an English-speaking institution.

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Stands out from other similar texts

Reviewed by Sharon Chalmers, Director of Studies from Live Lan

This title goes beyond the actual writing of an essay to include the continued development of the student’s ability and in-depth analysis of essay extracts. It guides the students through the questions they should be asking themselves while composing

Writing develops a student’s academic essay skills in a comprehensive manner, covering all aspects necessary for preparation for an English-speaking university environment. It covers the usual areas such as language development, academic principles, research and the writing process, but where this text stands out from other similar texts is in the contents of the appendices. 

The first is the appendix which deals with improving essays. There is a detailed analysis of actual examples of student writing, highlighting the positive and negative comments and encouraging reflection and comparison between them. Sample essays prove extremely popular with students and the level of analysis arms them with critical thinking skills to continue to develop their writing beyond the text. 

The second appendix addresses marking criteria and lecturer feedback. Again, this attention to the continuing development of the reader’s expertise is a commendable feature of the entire series from Collins. This section presents lecturers’ comments from essays and highlights the importance of addressing marking criteria and using feedback to improve essays. 

The quick language reference guide in the final appendix is an ideal companion for students while writing. It’s comprehensive and complements the functions highlighted in the main text well.

This title has a number of features which make it one of the most practical guides to academic writing on the market. It fully addresses the key aspects of essay writing with an appropriate balance of theory and practice, without overwhelming the reader.

By including the glossary throughout each unit, students do not have to move between the page they are studying and the reference section at the back. Such details help students avoid unnecessary distractions and breaks in attention. 

The self-evaluation sections give students a clear insight into the units which are most relevant and allow them to be selective when approaching the text. 

Unlike other texts which deal with academic writing, Writing avoids the pitfall of being visually distracting or off-putting. Example essay extracts are in text boxes and in a variety of fonts, breaking up the page and making it accessible for the reader, particularly for visual learners. 

The introduction and contents pages are clearly laid out and highlight the skills practised in each unit. Students can easily navigate around the text and direct their own learning effectively.

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