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Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Third Edition Teacher's Book

by Ackroyd, Sarah Published by Pearson

Cutting Edge Third Edition builds on the distinctive task-based approach that makes this course so popular.

* New World Culture lessons with video clips give a worldwide view on topics

* New Engaging topics encourage guided online research

* New Language Live lessons practice functional language in video and audio clips

* Integrated video

* Fully aligned to the CEFR

* Task Based Learning is core to the methodology

* Units have clear aims and focus

* A balanced approach to topics, language and skills

* Discovery approach to grammar

The Teacher's Book contains the teaching notes and answer keys. The Resource Disc has photocopiable extra activities, a variety of Tests with audio, plus video scripts from the Students' book. Engaging texts, new video content and a comprehensive digital package are just some of the features that make this fully revised edition even more effective.

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