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Expert IELTS 5 eText with MyLab Student's Online Access Code

by O Dell / Matthews Published by Pearson

Published 2020.


Access MyEnglishLab via the Pearson English Portal.

MyEnglishLab offers additional benefits such as automated marking and extra support for students, online hints, tips, and feedback, helping you to access learning anytime, anywhere.

The Pearson English Portal connects teachers, learners, and world-class resources, enabling you to work together, anytime, and anywhere. Providing rigorous pedagogical development powered by advanced technology, it is easy to use, flexible, and uniquely comprehensive - transforming teaching, revolutionizing learning, and improving outcomes.


A wide range of interactive practice activities for all four skills, plus Vocabulary and Language development.

Video explanations of each part of the paper help expand students' knowledge of the test.

Diagnostic testing and ongoing practice tests plus a mock test, including speaking test video and activities.

Follow up classes with 120 test practice activities.

Students get instant feedback on correct and incorrect answers

Record and playback activities provide students with invaluable speaking practice opportunities.

Full essay-writing activities to practise the Writing paper, complete with model answers and the ability to submit to the teacher for grading and feedback


You can assign practice tests and help students judge their readiness to take the test

You can monitor your students' progress and results with the gradebook and see how they score against their own self-assessment; drill down to activity level and view the common error report to identify trends in each student's performance and get insights to help focus remediation work.

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