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Foreign Affairs English as a Funny Language

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  • ISBN 9781908103079
  • Category Miscellaneous
  • Author Travis, Dart
  • Publisher Three Vee
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Published 2015.

World English Centre is a large language school in Bournemouth in 1972. The teachers wait for their monthly intake of fresh language students. The contrast between the predatory younger teachers and the settled, prematurely mature Yorkshireman John Smith couldn't be greater. They're presided over by ex-theatrical impresario, Malcolm O'Reilly, the Director of Studies.

One of the fresh arrivals upsets the entire pecking order. Zenubia is a Swiss actress of gypsy origins. Her quest for her own identity throws up questions of identity for everyone else. And it turns out that no one is exactly who they seem to be.

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Foreign Affairs is a novel set in a language school in Bournemouth in 1972.

Reviewed by Pete Sharma

“The story involves an eccentric group of characters ranging from young male teachers obsessed with sleeping with students to longer-serving staff described as ‘prematurely mature’ and a colourful collection of learners from around the world. Chapter titles contain a language twist (The present perfect; demonstratives; expletives). Humour may be found in the poor English of the students, the teaching practices of the time (like the language lab!) and the hapless goings-on. Available as an eBook, the print-on-demand version contains some curious page layouts. Includes strong language throughout”.

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