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Framework Student's Book Second Edition

by Harrison, Richard Published by Canford Publishing

Published 2015.

Framework: Academic Writing and Critical Thinking provides a structured approach to the improvement of academic writing. It helps students to write essays, reports and articles by encouraging students to plan their writing and to think clearly and critically.

The second edition includes:

2 new unites - Categories and classifications, Comparing data

Online practice - Vocabulary, language and critical thinking

10 unit tests - The Teacher's Guide contains 2 new unit tests plus other photocopiable material.

The Framework approach makes use of Frameworks for thinking and Frameworks for writing. These Frameworks help students first to reflect on a topic, and then plan and organise their ideas

Writing Skills Students develop skills such as: organising different types of essay; writing reports; describing graphs, charts and tables; referring to sources; avoiding plagiarism; understanding and answering exam questions

Critical thinking Students learn how to: look at both sides of an argument; define terms; comment objectively on data; solve problems and evaluate solutions; build strong arguments; organise classifications

Language Framework reinforces the language of academic writing, focusing on: sentence building; types of clause; linking words; describing data; using tentative language; reporting and paraphrasing

Level Framework is a Pre-intermediate to Intermediate course aimed at IELTS - 4.5 to 6.0 and CEFR - B1 to B2

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