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Headway Upper Intermediate Fifth Edition Student's Classroom Presentation Tool eBook

by Soars / Hancock Published by Oxford University Press

Published 2020.


Headway 5th edition provides fresh, relevant English instruction needed for success today.

Headway and its award-winning authors, Liz, and John Soars are names that have become synonymous with English Language teaching and learning. Teach with Headway's perfectly balanced grammar and skills syllabus, based on the course's world-renowned methodology.

Headway 5th edition retains the course's trusted methodology and has been completely updated with new texts, topics, and digital resources.

The Student's Book Classroom Presentation Tool delivers the Student's Book on-screen via your interactive whiteboard. Accessed through an online account, you can plan your lessons wherever you are, save web links and notes onto the pages, and update across your tablet and computer.


Student's Book Classroom Presentation Tool shows the course content on screen, making it easier than ever for teachers to deliver heads-up, engaging lessons.

Launch activities straight from the page and play audio and video at the touch of a button.

Embedded video, audio, and interactive activities to use in class with Students.

Multiple marking options to suit your teaching style. Reveal answers to students in class.

Use online or offline, on a tablet or computer, and your notes and web links will update across your devices.

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