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Home Affairs English as a Funny Language

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  • ISBN 9781908103093
  • Category Miscellaneous
  • Author Travis, Dart
  • Publisher Three Vee
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Published 2015.

1982. The English Language Teaching industry is in chaos. The Iranian revolution has left schools with unpaid bills. Argentina has just invaded the Falklands. No one wants to come to England anymore. World English Centre is in trouble, and crooked developers have theirs eyes on their extensive premises. Down the road, Barry and Gabriella's backstreet English Teaching Co-operative (ETC) is taking the business.

Dave is a disgruntled ELT teacher at ETC who hates foreigners, and he is now pursued by ex-Roedean girl Roberta. Graham Donaldson, now the world famous author of Intercourse, is inveigled into a plot to buy World English Centre. But who is the mysterious Iranian asking too many questions about students? Is Cosser, now an estate agent, running with the wolves? Is anyone going to end up in prison?

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