Interface: English for Technical Communication Teacher's Book

by Hutchinson, Richard Published by Canford Publishing

Published 2016.

Interface is a course in oral and written technical communication. It is suitable for people studying or working in a technical or scientific environment where English is used. This new edition is completely revised and updated

Level: It is a pre-intermediate to Intermediate level course that develops appropriate oral and written communication skills

Topics: The topics in Interface are taken from general areas of practical science and technology. The subject matter is designed to be interesting and accessible to students from a variety of disciplines

Vocabulary: More than 250 key technical and scientific vocabulary items are featured and practised throughout the course. The complete word list is provided at the end of the Students book

Approach: A task based and problem solving approach is used to develop practical and critical thinking skills and to generate effective and realistic oral and written communication

Data: The course develops and practises language related to the handling of data, diagrams and other non-verbal information.

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