Learning to Teach English Second Edition

by Watkins, Peter Published by Delta Publishing

Published 2017.

Learning to Teach English - Second Edition is an easy-to-use introduction to English language teaching and is ideal for new teachers or those preparing for courses leading to qualifications such as Cambridge English's CELTA and TKT, or Trinity College London's Cert TESOL. The second edition is thoroughly revised and updated and now comes with: A DVD, including recordings of real lessons, the teachers' comments on those lessons, and their tips on developing as a teacher Even more activities for teachers to use in the classroom Try it out! sections that support ongoing development and reflection after training A bank of short activities A glossary of key teaching terms Additional Key features: Grammar reference sections Tasks with commentaries to promote engaged and reflective reading Complete lesson plans with photocopiable material The second edition remains an accessible and practical book that will help new teachers as they train and develop through the first years of their teaching careers.

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