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Mighty Movers Audio CD

by Superfine / Lambert Published by Delta Publishing

Published 2017.

Set of 2 CDs

Mighty Movers is the second level in the Delta Publishing Young Learners English course.

It is based on the new, revised 2007 Cambridge Young Learners Movers Test and is an ideal course for children preparing for that Test.

Mighty Movers is an activity-based course and can also be used with any young learners in the 8-10 age range.

It provides 10 topics as covered by the Cambridge Young Learners Movers Test

It contains vocabulary and structures listed in the Movers syllabus

It provides listening and speaking dialogues which are similar to those in the Test using role play and communicative activities.

It contains a wide variety of motivating activities to practise all four skills, with reading and writing activities introduced in natural progression

It contains a variety of language practice activities, using practical ideas including stories with cut-outs and songs

It practises all test paper types

It includes a full sample Movers Test

It makes learning English and preparing for the test fun!

The Pupil's Book provides a variety of activities which cover the key language of the topics within the Cambridge Movers Test.

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