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Moving Into Healthcare and Nursing Course Book with Audio DVD

by Phillips Published by Garnet Education

Published 2014.

Moving into Healthcare and Nursing is a course for college and university students who need English for their continuing healthcare and nursing education. It caters for pre-intermediate learners who want to study more effectively and to prepare for a career in nursing/healthcare. It combines carefully controlled development of English-language skills with coverage of key aspects of healthcare and nursing.

Key features:

Communicative activities encourage students to become confident, effective communicators.

A wide range of topics introduce students to the most important and interesting areas of healthcare and nursing.

A graded approach to skills enables students to use English effectively. The course teaches transferable skills that students can use both in their wider studies and in their future careers.

Key vocabulary from the world of healthcare and nursing is highlighted for easy reference and revision.

Grammar is carefully matched to the skills that are practised in each unit, and students are introduced to the most common language patterns and tenses. An additional Grammar reference section provides extra support.

End-of-unit round-up sections provide personalized activities, project work and a self-assessment checklist.