Oxford Placement Tests 2 Marking Kit with User Guide and Diagnostic Key Third Edition

by Allen, Dave Published by Oxford University Press

Elementary to post-Proficiency. Published 2004.

Two test packs which provide an easy, practical way of grading students.

Key features

* Both Test Packs contain: 40 Test Papers; a practical introduction which outlines the Test and gives guidance on how to administer it; and a Levels Chart which helps determine realistic examination targets and suitable teaching material.

* The tests are divided into two sections: a Listening Test (ten minutes) and a Grammar Test (up to one hour).

* Tests 1 and 2 function as parallel tests, providing tests for different situations, such as progress and exit testing.

* A Marking Kit is also available, providing marking overlays, further guidance on administering and grading the tests, and a diagnostic key. New updated 3rd edition for 2004

* Updated test content.

* Results calibrated to the Common European Framework Reference levels (A1-C2), the Cambridge ESOL Examinations, and other International Examinations.

Please note - the cassettes or CDs and marking kits need to be purchased separately as they are not included in the packs.

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