Teaching English with Drama

by Almond, M Published by Pavilion

Published 2013

This book Teaching English with Drama covers the exciting sector of teaching English language students using drama, plays and theatre techniques, including how to plan class work, choosing appropriate texts, working with students with theatrical techniques, modifying dialogue and lines for different levels of student, stage management, and how these all work together to improve language appreciation and learning. It also discusses using classic plays and suggested characters, as well as providing resources beyond the textbook. Section one: Why use drama? 1. The benefits of acting skills for EFL/ESL learners and teachers; 2. The play: a step-by-step guide, from choosing to performing; Section two: Exercises 3. Name-learning games and physical warm-ups; 4. Concentration, trustwork and group dynamic-building exercises; 5. Vocal warm-ups, voice development and all areas of pronunciation; 6. Fluency, spontaneity and creativity.

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