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The Wrong Trousers DVD

Published by Oxford University Press

False Beginner-level students of all ages - from primary to adult.

A superbly animated comic adventure that appeals to all ages. The gripping storyline is combined with ingenious humour and brilliant characterization. The two main characters, Wallace and Gromit?, find themselves tangled up in the Penguin's cunning plot to steal a fabulous diamond. Can be used as a supplement to any beginner / false beginner course or as a stand-alone video course.

Key features

* The video is organized into six manageable episodes, which present specific grammar points, functional language and vocabulary.

* The original dialogue has been simplified, and additional narration gives learners further language input.

* The video is supported by a Student's Book and a Teacher's Book.

Student's Book

* vocabulary building activities

* grammar summary

* related language, pronunciation and spelling activities

* pairwork language practice

* complete transcript

Teacher's Book

* guidance on using video in the classroom

* full teaching notes

* answer key


* one 25-minute DVD (six episodes in all)

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