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Timesaver: For Real! English in Everyday Situations Book with Audio CD

by Ford, Martyn / King, Dave Published by Mary Glasgow / Scholastic

Published 2003.

English in Everyday Situations offers teachers a wealth of activities based on reading and listening realia (authentic or simulated-authentic) at an elementary to upper-intermediate level. Supports teachers presenting a 'Background to Britain' through a range of authentic and semi-authentic maps, menus, and street plans. The book presents real cities, real events and real people. The activities offer content for discussion about Britain, comparing and contrasting that society with the student's own, as well as providing some practical material for an eventual study tour trip to the UK. Timesaver for Real! offers material which aids integrated skills development (with a focus on reading, listening and vocabulary) and revises specific structures in an enjoyable and meaningful way. Examples of activities include - Shopping at the CD Megastore (Music types- likes and dislikes), TV listings (matching programmes to people profiles) Contemporary Teenage Fiction (matching blurbs to covers), Maps of Britain and Local Towns (jigsaw pair work).

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