Who's Whose? A No-Nonsense Guide to Easily Confused Words (Paperback)

by Porter, David Published by A & C Black

Published 2007.

The English language is a minefield, full of words that look and sound alike but mean different things in different places. If you have ever been fazed (or phased?) by the difference between stationary and stationery, or pore and pour, read on.

Who's Whose? is an entertaining and approachable guide to the most commonly confused words in English today, with real examples of good and bad usage to make differences crystal-clear. An Embarrassment rating for each mistake is included, together with an explanation of why the confusion happens and how to avoid it in future.

So if you mistrust (or distrust?) your spellchecker and want to maintain or improve your written English, this is the perfect companion for you.

* A comprehensive and entertaining A to Z guide

* Explains the difference between hundreds of commonly confused pairs of words, such as compliment and complement, or enquire and inquire

* Includes real examples of good and bad English taken from the press and media

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