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Dictionaries & Reference

Dictionaries & Reference

Dictionaries develop learner autonomy and are a handy resource for researching different meanings, collocations, examples of use and standard pronunciation.

There are monolingual and bilingual dictionaries for all levels (beginner to advanced) to assist students in the learning of vocabulary. Monolingual dictionaries explain the meaning of a word in the language that’s being learned, whereas bilingual dictionaries provide a translation or explanation using another language, usually a learner’s native language.

Browse the below range of EFL, ELT, TEFL and TESOL dictionaries and reference books e.g. Visual Dictionary, Oxford Essential Dictionary, Longman Photo Dictionary, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Collins COBUILD Intermediate Learner’s Dictionary.

If you’re a language learner and unsure of your level, you can take a free level test here.

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