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Law / Legal English

People choose to learn English for many different reasons and at Bournemouth English Book Centre we try to cater for every type of interest, learning level or career path. So, whether you want to brush up on your conversational skills, or you’re looking for particular career or hobby-based English grammar and vocabulary, we are confident you’ll find what you need browsing the range of ESP books and audio resources.

For example, if you’re thinking of a career in the leisure industry, the Hotels & Catering Student’s Bookshould be helpful. Alternatively, if you’re a football player, manager or coach, English for Football will be an invaluable resource. The Career Paths series offers specific language skills for those pursing careers in professions such as law, engineering, accounting or medicine, and the series includes resources for both students and teachers.

This range of coursebooks allows students to hone their skills in the particular areas that are most relevant for their studies or careers.

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