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Coursebooks provide the backbone of English language learning but effective planning and delivery of lessons will enhance students’ enjoyment and engagement. Our range of books English as a Foreign Language, English Language Teaching, English for Speakers of Other Languages and Teaching English as a Foreign Language books and other teaching materials will help English teachers to fully prepare for each module or lesson they teach, as well as offering extra support for particularly difficult areas of the syllabus, or skills that students are struggling to master. As well as accompanying teacher books and resource packs for the student coursebooks stocked at BEBC, we offer a range of independent and complementary texts that teachers may find useful across a number of different courses. There are books that will help teachers develop students’ writing or grammar skills, introduce creative writing, and help with communication. There is also a range of real-life sample texts and videos that can be used in lessons.

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Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom