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Cambridge A2 Key Practice Tests Teacher's Book 2020 Exam Format

by Watson, Dawn Published by Hamilton House

Published 2020.

Cambridge A2 Key for Schools Practice Tests has been specifically written for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 Key (KET) for Schools examination. The tests have been designed to familiarise students with the exact format of the examination as well as to ensure that students are thoroughly prepared for the examination.

Key features

Six complete practice tests for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 Key (KET) for Schools examination

Full introduction to the examination

Exam technique sections advising students on how to approach each part of the examination to score maximum points

Audio providing listening involving a wide variety of British accents

Consolidation exercises after every test to ensure students practise vocabulary which frequently appears in the A2 Key for Schools exam

A speaking script for each practice test so that teachers can conduct the speaking paper under exam conditions, and students can become familiar with the exact structure of each speaking paper of the A2 Key for Schools exam

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