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Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers

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Published 2013.

The Collins Academic Skills Series - winner of the ELTon 2014 Innovation in Learner Resources Award.

At university, you may be expected to analyse complex data and present your findings, whatever your area of study. Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers gives you the skills you need to make sense of data and numbers and the confidence to use them effectively in your work.

Learn how to

interpret statistics and data

conduct surveys

evaluate and question results

present numerical information clearly

Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers will help you to make the most of your time at university.

Clear information and practical exercises

Information on academic expectations understand the requirements of studying at university

Helpful tips and summaries

Answer key and glossary

Numbers is part of a new six-book series to help international students achieve academic success at college or university. It is designed to support students who are studying, or preparing to study, at an English-speaking institution.

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An extremely comprehensive guide

Reviewed by Sharon Chalmers, Director of Studies, Live Languag

An excellent starting point for EAP teachers who may be uncomfortable with the mathematical side of academic English. It’s an extremely comprehensive guide to the kind of statistics students will be expected to work with at university

Numbers attempts, very successfully, to deal with the tricky area of numeracy from a more in-depth perspective. Typically, EAP texts focus on the area of describing graphs without necessarily addressing the broader areas of research methodology and interpretation of data. Each unit follows the same tried and tested structure as others in the Academic Skills Series: aims, self-evaluation, input, practice, tip strip, glossary and the ‘Remember’ section. 

The title provides an excellent balance between language and numeracy practice, gradually building the skills necessary for academic study in an English-speaking higher education institute. Input and practice are divided into manageable chunks in a methodical manner, allowing the student to actually feel a sense of progression. This is particularly impressive considering that the area of numeracy can be highly demotivating for not only students but also teachers as it can be out with the comfort zone of both. 

The content of the text has been selected carefully to include only the language and mathematical knowledge necessary for university purposes. It avoids over-complicating the subject matter and potentially overwhelming the reader. 

The balance of input and practice is excellent for students progressing through the text and gaining a sense of achievement. The answer key also provides more expansive explanations where appropriate. 

Transparent aims for each unit allow the student to prioritise their learning and target areas of weakness, however, it would be of benefit to work through the units in order as material is recycled throughout. 

The balance of mathematical and linguistic input aids the progression of the student and is appropriate for those with a basic knowledge of maths. With a clear focus on the language and skills needed for university seminars, presentations and essays, the text is ideal for those who struggle with statistics and numeracy. Concepts are explained comprehensively without over-whelming the reader. It is also made perfectly clear what the purpose of each mathematical area is and where you would be expected to incorporate this at university. 

Lots of visual aids and graphics make this a very user-friendly text for the reader. Tip strips and glossary throughout allow the student to navigate each unit on a stand-alone basis.

The variety of graphics is engaging for the reader, although the addition of colour might be useful for pie-charts and highlighting key points such as the median etc.

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