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Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Third Edition Student's Book

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ISBN - 9781447936985 This includes a DVD Published 2013.

The Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Student's Book has been fully revised to include new video content and a comprehensive digital package. These features help English language students maximise their learning potential and enjoyment of the course. There are updates throughout the book, including new World Culture lessons that use current topics to stretch learners' understanding and develop online research skills. Students can practise English pronunciation and writing skills with the Language Live lessons, which add a sense of fun to English learning. The DVD-Rom contains all the audio and video clips that accompany the book, as well as a digital mini English dictionary of key vocabulary. The Upper Intermediate level takes students from B2 to C1. Key features: * New video content * Digital package * New World Culture lessons * Language Live lessons * DVD-ROM including audio and video clips and digital mini English dictionary You will find other books in the Cutting Edge series, as well as a huge range of English language books for all abilities, on the Bournemouth English Book Centre site.

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Well chosen, accessible skills topics and a balanced, blend of activities.

Reviewed by Jon Clayden, Academic Director, Eurocentres London

The new Third Edition of Cutting Edge Intermediate is similar to previous editions in many ways and retains features that will be familiar to many teachers. For example the way the coursebook and units are organized, the double-page, structured speaking tasks and the distinctive orange cover. New features in the Third edition include the video lessons where there is one in each unit. There are two types of video lesson that alternate throughout the coursebook: ‘Language live’ which deals with functional language such as making arrangements and telephoning and ‘World Culture’ which exploits authentic video of people talking about issues such as technology, memories and living in a foreign country. The video lessons build towards speaking and writing activities and provide excellent models for the learners. An innovative feature of the ‘World Culture’ video lesson is an extension activity where learners need to do online research linked to the theme of the lesson that they then need to write up. The authors here have successfully managed to find a way to integrate the use of new technology into the coursebook and have shown an awareness of the different ways learners come across and use English in 2014.

Task based learning, inductive learning and a lexical approach at different stages.

Reviewed by Alex Warren, Academic Director, British Study Cent

Cutting Edge has always been a popular coursebook, due in part to its Task Based Learning approach which has always set it slightly apart from other coursebooks aiming at the same market. As you’d imagine, rather than reinventing the wheel, the 3rd edition is more a revision and update, building on and adding to its strengths.

While this is a revision rather than an entirely new book, the majority of the input material (texts, audio) is new and the design gives it a fresh new look, while still easily identifiably Cutting Edge.  The reworked tasks remain the main focus of each unit and the series’ main selling point, while the Wordspots also remain, encouraging more of a lexical approach to language learning. This mix of methodologies is key to the appeal of the book. The Study, Practice & Remember section has also been reworked, now at the back of the book and it is better for it, giving students the chance for more focused controlled practice.

Where the course has really developed is with the addition of the World Culture and, to a lesser extent, Language Live lessons, which occur on alternate units. While the Language Live lessons are in essence the Real Life and Writing sections from the previous edition reworked, World Culture is a real step forward for the series.  The lessons encourage learners to look at current topics in a wider context, with good quality video input – a requisite for all courses now. Each lesson has two videos, one with the main content and one set out as a vox-pop listening task. This is then followed up by an online research task and written follow-up, thus developing students’ online skills and encouraging learner autonomy.

Unfortunately the coursebook no longer comes with a mini-dictionary which was always a useful classroom tool,  though it has been replaced by a DVD ROM which contains all of the video and audio content from the book (along with scripts), as a well as a digital version of the aforementioned mini-dictionary. From a students’ point of view, this is useful in terms of reviewing the material after having done it class and a push towards greater learner autonomy.

 Cutting Edge has always been a book which students and teachers alike can pick up and dive into without too many issues. It is certainly user friendly and can be a lot of fun to teach, with students responding well to the content and activities. There is a good mix of systems and skills work with aims clearly set out at the beginning of each unit, and these are generally well integrated with one another with good contexts being set for grammar and vocabulary.

What’s especially pleasing, and wholly appropriate for this level, is that the course takes an inductive approach to learning much of the time, encouraging students to work rules and meanings out for themselves. However, at its heart is a focus on communication and there are plenty of opportunities for this throughout, as epitomised by the Tasks and the Language Live sections. Both encourage students to produce accurate, fluent language through a variety of input, thus developing student confidence in using the language.

While it packs in as much as it can, it is never done in a way to overcrowd the pages and overwhelm the student. The units and individual pages are well organised, with aims clearly signalled and activities clearly signposted and divided up so that it’s easy to follow. All the time it is done in a colourful and visually stimulating way, with good use of images and animations to pique the students’ interest.

Price: £ 29.00

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