• ISBN: 9783125011557
  • Category: ELT Readers
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Delta Reader Me and My World: Inside Number 8 Book with App

by Snelling, Rhona Published by Delta Publishing

Published 2022.

Esme loves trees. She lives at Number 8 with her parrot, Captain P. Jay and his dad live at Number 8 too. Esme is often away on international trips protecting trees in different continents. Every time she comes back, she gives Jay a souvenir - a snow globe. When Esme and Captain P are traveling, the snow globes change and show Jay where they are. Jay can always see that they are safe. One night, Jay is asleep having a bad dream about an accident in the snow. A snow globe falls to the floor, and he wakes up suddenly to find Captain P in his room. Captain P takes Jay to the scene in the snow globe, and it becomes clear that Esme needs Jay's help to protect her special tree.

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