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  • ISBN: 9783125011670
  • Category: ELT Readers
  • Status: To be shipped from overseas 5-10 Days


Delta Reader Sustainability: Caught in the Fire Book with App

by Gould, Mike Published by Delta Publishing

Published 2023.

It's another dangerously hot day on the south coast of Australia. Flynn and his friends decide to go to the old timber mill in the forest. It's a great place to hang out and somewhere parents won't bother them. However, worried about the weather and warnings from his mother, a volunteer firefighter, Flynn decides to leave because of the risks of a wildfire. Then the worst happens: a wildfire breaks out. The fire threatens the whole town. Flynn, his sister, and his dad are supposed to escape to the east, to safety, while his mum stays to fight the flames. But Flynn's friends are still at the timber mill in the forest. Flynn decides to go looking for them to warn them. However, when he reaches the mill, his friends have gone, and he suddenly finds himself caught in the fire?