• ISBN: 9789027225665
  • Category: Linguistics
  • Learning Level: Advanced
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English Sentence Analysis: An Introductory Course

by Verspoor / Sauter Published by John Benjamins

Published 2000.

English Sentence Analysis: An introductory course is designed as a 10-week course for students of English Language and Literature, Linguistics, or other language related fields. In 10 weeks the student will be proficient in English analysis at sentence, clause and phrase level and have a solid understanding of the traditional terms and concepts of English syntax. This introduction prepares for practical courses in grammar and writing skills and for theoretical courses in syntactic argumentation.

The Course Book provides

sentence structures in clear graphics

logically structured chapters with Introductions and Summaries

exercises with quotations and excerpts from English, American and Australian literature and pop songs

English Sentence Analysis: An introductory course has been classroom tested at various universities. The students seem to enjoy the 'dreaded' syntax course and pass rates have gone up significantly from 50 to 70%.

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