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Escape The Classroom

by Minami, Fiona Published by Perceptia

Published 2021.

Discover the secrets of Enigma...break out of a prison cell... contact alien...rescue a trapped prince...solve the mystery of the dead chemist... read the fortune teller's hidden message... escape from a desert island...

Feel the excitement of an escape room and discover the benefits of flow in this ground-breaking textbook. Being completely absorbed in an activity improves performance, creativity, and mental well-being, and the challenging activities in this communication course book aim to transform students' English learning experience.

While immersed in mysterious worlds, solving puzzles and breaking codes, students are strengthening their English communication abilities and developing skills vital to the real world:




Keeping calm under pressure



Lateral thinking

Decision making

Are you ready for your first mission? Assemble your team and prepare to......ESCAPE THE CLASSROOM!

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