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  • ISBN: 9789027207890
  • Category: Linguistics
  • Status: Not yet published. Expected November 2020


Exploring NORDIC COOL in Literary History

by Hermansson / Jergensen Published by John Benjamins

Published 2020.

How did Nordic culture become associated with the fuzzy brand 'cool', as by default? In Exploring NORDIC COOL in Literary History twenty-one scholars in collaboration question the seemingly natural fit between ?Nordic? and ?Cool? by investigating its variegated trajectories through literary history, from medieval legends to digital poetry. At the same time, the elasticity and polysemy of the word ?cool? become a means to explore Nordic literary history afresh. It opens a rich diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches within a regional framework and reveals hitherto unseen links between familiar and less familiar tracks and sites. Following diverse paths of ?Nordic cool? in respect to - among other things - nature, survival, love, whiteness, style, economics, heroism and colonialism, this book challenges all-too-recognisable narratives, and underlines the sheer knowledge potential of literary historical research.

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