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Gold Experience Second Edition B2 Teacher Resources and Online Practice Access Code

Published by Pearson

Published 2019.


Fast-paced course that motivates students to build language and skills for the classroom, exams and the world.

Teachers Resources:

Via the Pearson English Portal - access code in the Teacher's Book.

Teaching notes (from the Teacher's Book)

Grammar PowerPoint presentations for each unit's grammar points

Three photocopiable worksheets per Student's Book unit, with full teaching notes and answer key

Class audio and video

Assessment package

Extensive range of tests for use throughout the course (pdfs and Word docs):

Diagnostic test to help place students

Unit tests: grammar, vocabulary and use of English; and listening and reading

Review tests every three units: grammar, vocabulary and use of English; writing; and speaking

End-of-Year test with three papers: Listening, Reading and use of English; Writing; Speaking

A/B versions of core tests

Versions for students with special educational needs

Answer keys and audio files

Online Practice:

Via the Pearson English Portal - access code in the Teacher's Book.

Teacher access to the learning management system for Online Practice:

Assign tasks to the whole class, groups, or individual students

Automatic marking to save time

View how individual students and the whole class are progressing overall and by skill

The Pearson English Portal connects teachers, learners, and world-class resources, enabling you to work together, anytime, and anywhere. Providing rigorous pedagogical development powered by advanced technology, it's easy to use, flexible, and uniquely comprehensive - transforming teaching, revolutionizing learning, and improving outcomes. MyEnglishLab is now accessed via the Portal.

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