Say Hello 1 Teacher's Book with CD-Rom

by West, Judy Published by Delta Publishing

Published 2017.

Say Hello is a two level Kindergarten English course for four to five year olds. The course is written by Judy West, who has extensive experience in both teaching and writing materials for young learners.

Say Hello is based around two engaging characters Tom and Polly together with their friend Ben the Bear. At the heart of the methodology lies an emphasis on child-centred activities and the puppet of Ben the Bear plays a key part in these. Learning is introduced through a range of short and lively activities; these include listening and pointing, singing and chanting, and playing games involving simple responses in English.

Key features :

Songs, chants and games provide opportunities for repetition, enable pupils to try out language in a fun secure way, and encourage interaction and movement

Colouring, tracing and craft activities, encourage participation and manual dexterity.

Level 1 introduces basic phonic awareness with Professor Bunny

Level 2 all alphabet phonemes are introduced, and letter formation and recognition are developed

A comprehensive Teacher's Book with excellent support for less experienced teachers of English

Detailed lesson by lesson guides including lesson aims, warm ups, games, extension ideas, home activity suggestions and teaching tips

Additional teacher resources for both levels include a CD-ROM of Audio materials and a range of interactive Whiteboard materials, a pack of flashcards and a Ben the Bear puppet.

Pupils Book

Child centered activities include listening, speaking and pointing activities

Songs, chants and games

Opportunities for colouring and tracing.

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