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  • ISBN: 9780194418577
  • Category: Skills - Combined Skills
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Speak Now 2 Teachers Book

by Richards / Bohlke Published by Oxford University Press

Published 2016.

Speak Now is a three level, American English course created to develop student's speaking skills. Focusing on functions, the course provides student's with successful and practical learning outcomes.

The practical conversational language with clear models and personalization, offers students realistic expectations and plenty of useful, everyday language.

Clear, self-contained material for each 45-50 minute conversation class provides visible and attainable targets for each lesson.

Regular review lessons and CEFR Self-Checks help student's monitor their progress, and ensure a sense of real achievement.

iTools digital resources add an exciting new interactive dimension to lessons. The video brings language to life, developing listening and pronunciation skills, and the range of resources provided reduces planning and preparation time.

The Speak Now online practice encourages language practice anytime, anywhere, and the additional voice recognition software allows students to assess their own performance easily.

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