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  • ISBN: 9789027207920
  • Category: Linguistics
  • Status: Not yet published. Expected November 2020


Stative Inquiries

by Garcia-Pardo, Alfredo Published by John Benjamins

Published 2020.

This monograph studies stative predicates from a neo-constructionist perspective and integrates them in a comprehensive theory of event and argument structure. It focuses on two sets of stative verbs: govern-type verbs and object experiencer psychological verbs. For govern-verbs, it shows how notions such as causatively and resultativity can also be ingredients of stative predicates and be derived syntactically. The consequences of this proposal are further pursued in a crosslinguistic investigation of adjectival passives, which are stative predicate of sorts. For object-experiencer psychological verbs, it is shown that their Experiencer theta-role can and should be derived as an aspectual entailment mediated by prepositional structure. In defending this view, this monograph reveals a syntactic parallelism between location verbs and object-experiencer psychological verbs in many languages that has hitherto gone unnoticed. This book will primarily appeal to researchers interested in lexical aspect and its connection to morphosyntax.

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