Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) Grades 1-2 Student's Pack with Audio CD

by Hancock, Paul Published by Oxford University Press

Published 2013.

A new five level series of exam preparation and practice material for the Trinity College London's Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) and Integrated Skills in English (ISE).

The first two levels cover the speaking and listening skills for Trinity GESE Grades 1-2 (A0-A1) and grades 3-4 (A2), with ISE 0 preparation material in the second of the titles.

Key features :

Colourful, attractive and effective preparation and practice material to appeal to a wide range of learners

Input material replicates exam as far as possible

Production activities are spoken and personalized

Focuses on development of communicative skills linked to needs of the exam

Builds from routine and simple patterns, sentences and questions to exchange of ideas and concepts

Emphasis on demonstrating ability what the test taker can do with the language, rather than simply what they know

Gradually improves accuracy, fluency and complexity in speaking and listening

First two levels concentrate on general discussion (A1 and A2) and interaction (A2).

Teacher's Book includes diagnostic material to ensure students are entered for the correct Grade and help teachers with grading students for the correct level of the exam.