Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom

by Keddie, Jamie Published by Lessonstream Books

Published 2017.

Number of pages: 296

    • * 45 video-based lesson plans for waking up even the quietest students in your classroom - ideal for primary, secondary, and English language teachers.
    • * Step-by-step instructions to get students listening, thinking, collaborating, communicating, problem solving, and making videos of their own.
    • * A useful appendix with practical advice how to develop your own storytelling skills, make use of video cameras, and much more.
    • * Suggestions for CLIL teachers for linking stories to curricular subjects (maths, science, psychology, art, citizenship, business, etc.)

    Exploding watermelons, curious pigs, sneezing baby pandas, mystery objects falling from the sky, internet addiction, online dishonesty, and (of course) internet cats.

    Videotelling is a teacher resource book which outlines a completely novel approach to using video content in the classroom. It consists of 45 immersive stories, each of which is based on the narrative of an authentic online video (adverts, short films, viral videos, etc.).

    The interactive stories are suitable for learners of all ages and are designed to be told by the teacher in the traditional way. This means that technology takes a back seat and viewing of the video comes later.

    Stories are accompanied by ready-to-use tasks and activities which show teachers how to get students listening, thinking, speaking, writing, collaborating, problem solving, and creating videos and stories of their own.

    Videotelling is beautifully illustrated and designed for a great reading experience. An accompanying website provides links to all videos.

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