Activities for Mediation with Augmented App

by Chiappini / Mansur Published by Delta Publishing

Published 2021.

Ideas in Action: Activities for Mediation provides language teachers with solid grounding in the theory of mediation, as defined in the latest update to the CEFR, as well as a wide variety of mediation tasks with clear aims and staging. This book aims to show not only why mediation is an important element in any 21st century language classroom, but how to integrate it in your teaching immediately. The book includes ideas as to how you can scaffold mediation strategies, how to create your own mediation activities, and how to assess mediation.

Activities for Mediation:

Provides a thorough and clear overview of what mediation is and why it is so important

Covers all three types of mediation: Mediating a text, mediating concepts, and Mediating communication

Offers practical ideas to develop mediation strategies and associated competences

Additional features and resources include:

Photocopiable worksheets

Tips for differentiation, variation, and extension

Suggestions for feedback, including self-evaluation and peer feedback activities

Ideas on how to adapt the activities for online and hybrid classrooms

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