Talking Culture Book and CD-Rom

by Cleary, M Published by Helbling English

Talking Culture is a flexible new culture course for young teenagers learning English.
Talking Culture contains 6 self-contained modules dealing with a specific theme.
Each spread is full of useful and interesting information, chosen to appeal to young teenagers and to give them an insight into life in the English-speaking world.

The four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) are developed systematically throughout the book. The modules cover the following themes: Geography, School, Food, Sport, Festivals, Entertainment. Each module of Talking Culture is divided into 2 levels. Level 1 introduces culture at an elementary level (CEF A1). While Level 2 (CEF A2) allows the students to develop their knowledge of the theme as their language skills improve. Talking Culture offers a variety of informative and entertaining texts with a wide choice of cross-curricular links.

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