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Framework First: Introducing Academic Writing and Critical Thinking Student's Book

by Harrison, Richard Published by Canford Publishing

Published 2019.

Framework First: Introducing Academic Writing and Critical Thinking is a new pre-intermediate level of the popular course book - Framework. This new lower level includes:

Writing skills: Organising paragraphs; the writing process; academic style; giving opinions; describing a graph; describing devices/machines; describing past events

Critical thinking: Academic values; asking questions; checking facts; reasons and evidence; 'lazy thinking'; the scientific method; 'thinking about thinking'

Language: Sentence building; cohesion in a paragraph; types of clause; language of science; passive sentences; past/present tenses; expressing the future; linking words

Vocabulary building: Prefixes; word families; antonyms and synonyms; participles

Academic and general interest topics: Advertising; natural and man-made disasters; production processes; innovations (drones, electric cars, home robots); biographies

Level: Framework First is a pre-intermediate course aimed at: IELTS - 4 to 5 and CEFR - A2 to B1

Components: Student's Book and Teacher's Guide.

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