How To Plan a Book

by Clandfield, Lindsay Published by ELT Teacher 2 Writer

Published 2020.

Who better to write about planning a Coursebook than Lindsay Clandfield, lead author of the award-winning Global series, and member of the author team for the successful Straightforward series? Lindsay describes different approaches to Coursebook planning, including his own highly individual method of writing different elements of a course on colour-coded Post-it notes, and moving them around until he's happy with the result. Throughout this practical module, Lindsay constantly draws on his own experience, resulting in an engaging account of a potentially dry subject. Starting with an outline of different types of syllabus, Lindsay compares traditional and modern approaches, goes into more detail about what is involved in building a syllabus and sets up practical tasks which guide the reader through the thinking process involved in planning a syllabus. In his characteristically upbeat way, Lindsay ends his module with a look into the future, and makes the point that whatever the format of delivery, courses will still require planning.

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