• ISBN: 9789027256607
  • Category: Linguistics
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Producing and Managing Restricted Activities Avoidance and Withholding in Institutional Interaction

by Fabienne / Moore Published by John Benjamins

Published 2014.

Drawing on Conversation Analysis, this book examines the kinds of talk that service providers across various settings (e.g. doctors, healthcare providers, helpline call takers, tourist officers) seek to avoid or withhold in their interactions with clients, when such talk may be expected or due in some way. For example, a child calling a helpline to get advice on personal problems may expect such advice or a patient may expect a diagnosis. Across the settings examined, avoidance and withholding are shown to be interactional practices deployed to construct specific activities as restricted. The various authors show how withholding and avoidance contribute to both the accomplishment of the work of the organisations and the construction of the institutional identities of the professionals.

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