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Local Educational Order Ethnomethodological Studies of Knowledge in Action Hardbound

by Hester / Francis Published by John Benjamins

Published 2000.

The studies in this book take an ethnomethodological approach to educational phenomena. Ethnomethodology?s concern is with the locally accomplished and situated character of social order. With reference to educational phenomena, this means that ethnomethodology investigates how the ?natural facts? of educational life, such as daily activities in school classrooms, are produced as such in the first place, rather than taking for granted the recognisability of these facts and then theorising their explanation. In this sense, ethnomethodological studies contrast markedly with other approaches to the study of education. Each of the chapters in the book consists of a new and original study. Collectively, they exhibit the continuing vitality of this tradition and demonstrate ethnomethodology?s special commitment to the analysis of educational phenomena as locally ordered and accomplished.

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