An Introduction to Evidence-Based Teaching in the English Language Classroom

by Lethaby / Mayne / Harries Published by Pavilion

Published 2021.

Do you want to learn more about the evidence, or lack of evidence, supporting common teaching strategies and procedures? An Introduction to Evidence-Based Teaching in English Language Classroom compiles the evidence in one place for you, rather than scattered across a variety of sources: online blogs, conference reports and disparate journal papers.

This practical and accessible resource begins by identifying what 'evidence-based teaching' is. It then outlines the key strategies, briefly describing how and why they are supported by evidence. Finally, it moves on to show the practical application of these strategies in ELT with concrete examples and activities.

By using the book, teachers, teacher trainers and educators will:

have developed a greater understanding of what evidence-based teaching is and have the tools to evaluate teaching practices.

know where to find research to back up evidence-based practice.

understand the importance of evidence for how the brain works and how this knowledge helps to combat erroneous beliefs about teaching and learning.

have increased their knowledge of the importance of prior knowledge to teaching and learning, and the evidence for this.

understand how the memory works as well as cognitive load theory, and the evidence for this.

have deepened their understanding of evidence-based teaching strategies and interventions.

be able to contrast evidence-based ideas and practices with other teaching interventions not supported by research.

have learned how to critically apply evidence-informed ideas and understand ideas and practices that are not supported by evidence.

be able to evaluate strategies and interventions in the ELT classroom that have evidence to support or refute them.

This book is designed to be a supplement to any initial or in-service teacher education course as well as for teachers at any level who are interested in evidence-based teaching in English Language classes. You should read alongside core teacher training texts, to be able to examine common teaching practices.

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Teaching in English Language Learning is part of the Teaching English series.

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