Structuring Fun for Young Learners in the ELT Classroom

by Roland, Chris Published by Pavilion

Published 2020.

Structuring Fun for Young Learners in the ELT Classroom provides ELT teachers, directors of studies and academic managers with an extensive repertoire of creative ideas and techniques to work with in the classroom.

Teaching young learners can be a huge amount of fun. As teachers we can introduce all sorts of games, projects, and variations on traditional exercises. All this needs careful structuring if the resulting activity is to be manageable and, more importantly, if it is going to help students learn and practise words and sentences in English. In Structuring Fun for Young Learners, you will learn about the principles behind that structure with a roller coaster ride of colourful ideas, examples, and anecdotes as their vehicle. There are over three hundred diagrams and photographs to help explain exactly how the described activities work and give you the flavour of ELT classes at primary level.

When fun in the classroom is properly structured, everyone is a winner. Your students will remember those activities for years and you will still be able to cover your course content without compromising on classroom management. For all this to happen, important questions such as: 'How do children behave in classrooms?' 'Why do they want to do some tasks and refuse to do others?' 'What is learning anyway and how can we tie our target words and sentences to the activities we do?' must be asked. These fundamentals are covered in the first five chapters of the book. The second part of the book explores movement, text, space, novelty objects, teacher-student dialogue, personalisation, clips, images, support for learners, use of coursebooks and your own professional development as a young learner teacher. So, whether you are a new teacher, a seasoned veteran or teacher trainer with young learners' classes this is the book for you.

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