ETpedia Teenagers 500 Ideas for Teaching English to Teenagers

by Dudley, Edmund Published by Pavilion

Published 2018.

Teenagers in the classroom offer a wealth of contradictions. At a time in their lives when their mental, physical and emotional characteristics are changing rapidly, teenagers pose unique challenges, but this can also make them some of the most rewarding students to teach.

ETpedia Teenagers provides practical activities and insights to help you understand, motivate and support your teenage students. It offers 500 ideas, clearly organised in 50 units of 10 points, which cover everything you need to know about teaching, managing and engaging teenage learners. Topics include:

Preparation and planning tips for your teenage classes

Insights into how to deal with some of the issues that teenagers have in the classroom

Teen-friendly activities and topics to keep motivation levels high

Activities and ideas to help teenagers develop their language awareness and skills

ETpedia Teenagers is the seventh resource in the best-selling ETpedia series, edited by John Hughes. Each resource is full of practical advice and ideas, and divided into units of 10 on each topic, with an Appendix full of additional photocopiable materials.

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