ETpedia Technology 500 Ideas for Technology in the English Language Classroom

by Hockly, Nicky Published by Pavilion

Published 2017.

Technology is becoming an ever more popular and useful tool in the ELT classroom. Whether you are already an avid user of technology or you are inexperienced but want to explore more, then ETpedia Technology is the resource you need. It suggests ways to use text-based tools, multimedia, smartphones and more, as well as providing easy-to-use activities and more general advice for using technology in the classroom. It also covers some of the important discussions around using technology, such as the safety of young learners and the question of plagiarism.

ETpedia Technology is part of the ETpedia series. Each book uses units of 10 to create an easy-to-use yet comprehensive resource book for the ELT classroom. The series includes the original ETpedia, providing 1000 ideas for English language teachers, as well as more specific resources such as ETpedia Business English and ETpedia Young Learners

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