• ISBN: 9789027206510
  • Category: Linguistics
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Follow-ups in Political Discourse Explorations Across Contexts and Discourse Domains

by Weizman / Fetzer Published by John Benjamins

Published 2015

This book explores the various forms and functions of follow-ups in a range of political speech events. Follow-ups are conceptualized as communicative acts, in and through which a prior communicative act is accepted, challenged, or otherwise negotiated by ratified participants in the exchange or by third parties. The broad view suggested here accommodates a large variation in the functions of follow-ups, e.g. positioning, third-party involvement, evaluation and argumentation, ratification, support, challenge and attendance to face wants. These variations are explored in a range of cultural environments, such as the UK, The Netherlands, Israel and France. Inter-cultural exchanges are studied through the analysis of diplomatic discourse, interpreting and cross-cultural comparison.

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