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Singing, Speaking and Writing Politics

by Dedaic, Mirjana Published by John Benjamins

Published 2015.

South African Political Discourses

The discourses of the post-apartheid South Africa embody symbols of change and promises of new lessons in history. This is the first volume that brings together analyses of a variety of discourses produced in South Africa through which we follow the evolution of transitional processes in the country's political institutions and in the opinions of its populace. The book offers to the reader a visit to the Parliament, a peek into the internet forums, analyses of the country's official papers and speeches, and the media accounts. Through all these discourses we see the burning questions - "Who Are We Now?" and "Who Do We Want To Be?" - being repetitively examined and identities cross-formed while the country deals with new, post-apartheid challenges, as well as successes.

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