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  • Category: Linguistics
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Studies of Discourse and Governmentality

by McIlvenny / Zhukova et al Published by John Benjamins

Published 2016.

This volume collects together empirical studies that illustrate new methods to investigate governmentality from the perspective of interdisciplinary discourse studies in order to provide richer discursive and interactional analyses of the forms, practices, modes, programmes and rationalities of the 'conduct of conduct' today. As a result of the recent publication for the first time of many of Foucault's annual lecture series at the College De France, scholars have attempted to critically rethink Foucault's ideas. To complement the re-animated studies of governmentality, contributions to this volume have a substantial component of empirical analysis using approaches that come under the broad umbrella of discourse studies, including critical discourse analysis, conversation analysis, dialogic analysis, multimodal discourse analysis, the discourse-historical approach, corpus analysis and French discourse analysis. The volume is relevant to students and scholars in the fields of critical discourse studies, conversation analysis, international studies, environmental studies, political science, public policy and organisation studies.

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